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           The Overall Market Development Situation of Silicon Carbide in China VIx湖北玉立

          At present, the market supply of silicon carbide is adequate in the northwest region, and there are no obvious signs for increasing demand. The sales of silicon carbide is more difficult this time,but this is also a headache problem for many manufacturersVIx湖北玉立

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          Due to the overall market adjustment in nearly two years, some small and medium-sized enterprises reduce and even stop the production, especially some domestic metallurgy furnace charge enterprises.VIx湖北玉立

          Zhengzhou is a production base of metallurgical materials in Henan. Especially since the second half of  2015 year, their environmental protection efforts and the adjustment of market situation lead to the malaise of silicon carbide market. In 2016, the inquiry list is better than 2015, but the trading volume is not obvious, which is mainly because of low prices, and some manufacturers can not maintain the longer production.VIx湖北玉立

          At present, the market supply of silicon carbide is adequate in the northwest region, and there are no obvious signs for increasing demand. In addition, the economic situation is bad these two years and there is no better or more favourable new development direction for silicon carbide. The sales of silicon carbide is more difficult this time, but this is also a headache problem for many manufacturers now.VIx湖北玉立

          Now the main consumption of domestic silicon carbide is still refractory products, followed by abrasives products and metallurgical furnace charge. Because the benefit of steel industry is not great, the downstream consumers’ purchasing demand is weaker than usual in refractory market, and at the same time, the market prices also tend to be low. Some customers’ purchasing quantity is gradually decreased every month, but as a result of reduced capacity and weak demand of terminal consumers this year, the purchasing quantity is all slightly reduced.VIx湖北玉立

          Through our investigation and the contrast of black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide shipments, the export market of silicon carbide is up, which is mainly driven by increasing exports of green silicon carbide. The overseas PV market has increased the demand for green silicon carbide, but the overseas demand  for black silicon carbide grade one remains weak. From a year earlier, the exports of black silicon carbide are in the downward trend. Overseas consumers choose to wait and see, still expecting to purchase black silicon carbide at a lower price.VIx湖北玉立

          At present, domestic black silicon carbide hasn't found a new development area, and the market will continue to run smoothly. The future development of silicon carbide will be mainly concentrated in some areas of high added value, such as new materials synthesized by silicon carbide and other materials, silicon carbide single crystals or the application in the semiconductor industry.VIx湖北玉立

          Considering the current market, if the domestic market of silicon carbide wants better and more stable development, it will need the support and research of more countries and technical personnel. Creating more applications in the field of space for silicon carbide, is quite feasible from the domestic market development perspective, and is also very benefical for the export of silicon carbide series products. And Qinyang Sanhui Refractory Material Co.,Ltd. and Yichuan Dongfeng Abrasives Co.,Ltd. are popular silicon carbide suppliers, which can supply quality silicon carbide with good prices. Interested buyers can make further contacts with them by click the above links.VIx湖北玉立


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