“YULI” in Chinese, “Sharpness” for globally




          "Your precious suggestions will drive us to improve"zLX湖北玉立


          Sharpness is the professional abrasive group with largest manufacturing scale,most production output, biggest products range, as a long production chain integrating with scientific research, manufacturing, marketing, and raw material production.zLX湖北玉立

          The market share of major products in China market is over 70%, and "Sharpness" is reputed as "China Famous Brand".zLX湖北玉立

          Sharpness Group is frequently awarded by the "State Council of the People's Republic of China","National General Administration of Quality supervision","National Administration of Industry and Commerce","China Federation of Industry and Commerce","China machine tool industry association".zLX湖北玉立

          The major products "abrasive cloth","abrasive paper","abrasive belt" and other conversion products are hot selling globally to 60countries,some of them are certified by Eu.MPA as a safety guarantee,and Sharpness is assessed as "China export inspection-exemption enterprise".zLX湖北玉立

          Mr. Li Shanyu, as the Chairman of Sharpness is a registered expert reputed by special government allowances of the state council, The national May 1st Labor medal winner, China outstanding entrepreneur, One of the 60 typical characters of national poverty alleviation and development, and be awarded with "the greatest honor in coated abrasives" by China coated abrasives association.zLX湖北玉立


          Sharpness Group is striving for the technology improving as always, we collected and fulfilled the reasonable suggestions and advices from all channels widely from personal and public.zLX湖北玉立

          We'll keep this tradition and sincerely welcome your opinions.zLX湖北玉立

          Pls directly email to [gm@sharpness.com.cn] if you are happy to share any suggestions. We are grateful for your care and attention.zLX湖北玉立

          ADD.(headquarter): No. 218, Yuli Avenue, Toncheng County, Hubei Province, China PC.:437400
          Tel: +86-(0)715-4322107,4324488,4352111 Email: info@sharpness.com.cn