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          Briefly Introduction of SharpnessjOP湖北玉立

          Hubei Yuli Abrasive Belts Group (hereafter mentioned as "Sharpness") was established in 1978, with over 2000 employees and a net asset RMB600million.The output value in 2014 reached RMB980million and taxed around RMB50million, including an exportation output around USD12million, 
          Sharpness is the professional coated abrasives manufacturer with largest production scale,most production output,and biggest production range in this field,as a long industry chain integrating with scientific research, manufacturing, marketing and raw material production.
          Sharpness is frequently awarded by "State Council of the People's Republic of China","National Bureau of Quality Inspection","State Administration of Industry and Commerce","China Federation of Industry and Commerce" and"China Machine Tool Industry Association" etc. 
          "Sharpness" is reputed as "China Famous Brand".
          The abrasives in sheet and belts and even in any other converted types had been exporting to over 60countries, for the good performance on quality and safety which approved by Europe MPA, Sharpness is assessed as "China export Inspection-exempted enterprises".
          Mr. Li Shanyu, as the Chairman of Sharpness is a registered expert reputed by special government allowances of the state council, The national May 1st Labor medal winner, China outstanding entrepreneur, One of the 60 typical characters of national poverty alleviation and development, and be awarded with "the greatest honor in coated abrasives" by China coated abrasives association.
          General regulations of the recruitment of excellent college/university students
          Sharpness is striving for the "Global Top Three" and implementing the 3rd development strategy toward a science and technology export-oriented enterprise.
          For the developing demands, Sharpness is now desired to recruit some excellent students of these specialities-
          business administration, marketing, e-commerce, international trade, high polymer chemistry, finanace and accouting,mechanical automation, secretarial, human resource.
          General regulations as follow:
          一、Recruitment rules
             (一)basic requirements
              1.college or above, preferably undergraduated from related speciality;
              2.good health,well-featured, nice personality;
              3.enthusiastic and confident in working, available to bear hardships and stand hard work.
             (二)classific requirements
              1.Domestic market
                 ①Area marketing representatives(8 pending)
                 college degree or above, speciality in marketing, business administration and E-commerce, preferably male.
                 ②Salesman in branches(8 pending)
                 college degree or above, speciality in marketing, business administration and E-commerce, preferably male.
              2.Overseas market
                 marketing and business development manager(8 pending)
                 college or above, fluent in english communication,speciality in international trade, marketing, E-commerce, preferably with overseas relatives and have strong economic basis.
              3. High polymer chemistry (6 pending)
                 college or above, speciality in chemical engineering and high polymer chemistry, enthusiastic in working and strong responsibility,innovative and available to bear hardships.
              4. Finance and accounting (6 pending)
                 college or above,speciality in finance and accounting, honesty and trustworthiness, familiar with financial work and related softwares, can keep the confidential.
              5. Mechanical automation (6 pending)
                 college or above, speciality in mechanical manufacturing and mechanical automation.
              6. Secretary (2 pending)
                 college or above, speciality in secretary and Chinese language and literature.enthusiastic and great performance in communicating, document writing and file management. familiar with computer and writing.
              7. Human resouce (2 pending)
                 college or above, speciality in human resource
              1.Domestic market
              ①Area sales representatives: visit the major areas and spread the group policies, promote the new creations, feedback the marketing information,supervise the market sequence,enduser aftersales service, ensure the task's completion of region within the jurisdiction.
              ②Salesman in branches: responsible for the advertisement, sales, marketing and promotion of products according to the demands from sales branches.
              2.Overseas marketing and business development managers
              Volunteering to expand the market and sales in the interested countries(except the countries with agents/distributors).
              3.Speciality in high polymer chemistry, finance and accouting, mechanical automation, secretary, human resources.
              The employees who met the above requirements will be firstly arranged in Sharpness training center for 1-month military training and Sharpness culture study,employees graduated from finance and accouting, secretary and human resource specialities will be arranged in workshops for another 2-month practising(together 3months in all); 
          employees graduated from high polymer chemistry and mechanical automation specialities will be arranged in workshop for another 5-month practising(together 6months in all); and to be arranged on the suitable position in accordance with the comprehensive performance.
              a basic-wage paid(1500/month) 2-month learning in Sharpness culture, products and marketing(1 month oftheory study and 1 month of practice), the eligible employee will be send to the suitable position for a 3-month probation in an unified way,the monthly wage will be 2500 combined paid by the headoffice and independent workshop. 
              the salesman from branches and area sales representative will be paid according to the sales performance.Eligibles after probation will be kept in position with labor contract and to be paid with wage and benefits as contract staffs.
              marketing and business development manager will be paid 2500/month(only be paid after complete the tasks) in first 2years,no wages and any payment after 2years.
              the ineligable employees during/after probation or unwilling to work will be terminated from employment relations. 
             2.the personnels graduated from high polymer chemistry, finance and accounting, mechanical automation,secretary and human resource,
          will be arranged for a basic-wage paid(1500/month) 1-month in military trainning, Sharpness culture,professional skill, and technics, 
          the eligible employee will be send to the suitable position for a 5-month probation in an unified way,the monthly wage will be 2500(in accordance with the work attendance and performance).
          Eligibles after probation will be kept in position with labor contract and to be paid with wage and benefits ("5 social insurances and 1 housing fund",performance bonus,substance welfare and living park qualification etc.) as contract staffs.
          The outstanding staffs in innovation and great sales performance will be prized by a higher position and promotion opportunities.
          四、Confidentiality requirements: all employees will be required to sign the Competition trade agreement and a Non-disclosure Agreement, and promise to abide the agreement, preserve Sharpness benefit, never violate the reguations and complete the tasks ontime as a eligable Sharpness staff.
          Tel.:0715-4322718    4352111(fax)
          Contact: Mr. Liu
          Add.:No. 218, Yuli Avenue, Tongcheng County, Xianning City, Hubei, China  437400
          Website: www.julietness.com

          ADD.(headquarter): No. 218, Yuli Avenue, Toncheng County, Hubei Province, China PC.:437400
          Tel: +86-(0)715-4322107,4324488,4352111 Email: info@sharpness.com.cn